We make fashion DIY-Kits! Petites Mains Creative Fashion is a collective of Scandinavian women brought together by our love for DIY and design.

We realized that by creating our own fun and easy DIY fashion kits we not only share our vibrant Scandinavian aesthetic, but also our love for DIY as a way to practice mindfulness. Creating boosts creativity – so by working with our hands we not only make meaningful fashion, but also help to ground ourselves in our hectic daily lives.

Our all female Danish-Swedish team is happy and proud to contribute to the fashion scene by making a change in how we wear and create fashion. By focusing on feeling good, doing things that make us smile, and taking time to be creative, we not only contribute to a world we want to live, but dress well in. 

Our super scandi core values of mindfulness, sustainability, and creativity are incorporated in everything we do, and we hope that you too can become a maker . You can make it, we will guide you! 

– Welcome to Petites Mains!


We are guided by these three words in everything we do. DIY allows you to be kind to yourself, and to live a conscious lifestyle, at once.

As Scandinavians’, we carry these core values with us. As a region known for its sustainability, we already have a well established tradition of mending and upcycling. As a result, all of our complete kits are ‘no waste’, meaning we will only send you the necessary materials needed to create that specific DIY. Our packaging has also been thoughtfully designed so that it can be kept and reused for various purposes.

By being creative, you too can practise mindfulness! It has been scientifically proven that crafting helps to reduce stress and has calming benefits. To partake in DIY projects is an excellent form of self care and a great way to implement sustainable upcycling techniques that help us take care of our planet. 

Besides our fashion and creative directors, we are happy to have our own Creative Coach to help us with this mission of mindfulness. Meditation teacher Peter Oppermann is ready to guide you through your creative journey with his inspiring words and relaxing meditation sessions. Reconnect with your creative energy and take some time to simply breathe, and of course do lots of DIY.

OUR NAME – pə.tit.mɛ̃ 🍒

When choosing our name, we wanted to have something with a meaning relating to craftsmanship and not just design, and so, we went with Petites Mains Creative Fashion.

Petites Mains is french and is the official name of the haute couture seamstresses working in Paris. The Petites Mains creates and makes the most incredible and advanced embroidery works in the world, often spending hundreds of hours working on just one dress. With their precise hands and passion, fashion history is literally created.  

Directly translated, Petites Mains means “small hands”, which we have let inspire our logo. By making one of our DIY kits, we hope that maybe you too can feel a little bit like a Petites Mains – able to create beautiful things, only with the help of your hands.


Fashion should be fun, so why not do it yourself? Whether you are looking to make cute interior decor, the perfect knitted sweater, or fun accessories – You can make it, we will guide you! Our DIY-kits contain everything you need, and our easy instructions make any project possible.

If you are looking to revive some old pieces from your wardrobe, our upcycling patches come in handy! We have gathered lots of cute patches for you to restyle or mend your clothes with. The planet will thank you for choosing to refurbish your old clothes instead of throwing them away.

As part of our mission that anyone can become a maker, our team is always trying out new kits, techniques and trends to innovate new and fun projects. Our focus is to make things easy, since we don’t believe DIY should be exclusive to those with previous knowledge. Sometimes with DIY, the process is the goal because of a sometimes faulty result – we want to change that! With a Petites Mains kit, the end result will be stunning and the creation part fun.


The vibrant, fun and colorful universe of Petites Mains is made by our all female Danish-Swedish team of creators. As lovers of design and sustainability, our diverse team seeks to marry the two in one DIY-dream, and is as a result of that, often joined by other like minded creators from all over the world.

Since 2021, Petites Mains has been guided by Creative Director Elso in a close collaboration with Co-Founder and Scandinavian Fashion Editor Martina. With the help of co-founding Art Director Ulrika, mindfulness enthusiast Mia and a tight knit team of project assistants and content creators – the team is just as creative as it is balanced. 

Often inviting other creatives, experts and designers into the process, the universe of Petites Mains is ever expanding, ever exciting and always fun.

Join the DIY-fashion revolution!


Petites Mains admires everything there is about creativity. From the sketching, to the making, to putting down the finishing touches, to the end result – the entire creative process is our favorite part, through and through. 

We love to invite incredible creators and designers to join us and are always just as fascinated to follow them in their process. Today, Petites Mains has amongst other names been joined by amazing collaborators such as Jewellery Designer Maria Nilsdotter, Artist Beate Karlsson and Fashion Illustrator Izak Zenou.

Always seeking new ways of bringing forward art, mindfulness, creativity and sustainability, we feel our work is meaningful and important. We wish to continue this journey for many more years to come and to shed light on even more inspiring people, projects and innovations. Locals or international names don’t matter, DIY is for everyone, just like fashion.